Investor Relations

Executive Management

President and Representative Director
Taro Teraura
Board Director (Outside)
Yasuko Masaki
Board Director (Outside)
Hiromi Yoshikawa
Board Director (Outside)
Kenji Uenishi
Corporate Auditor (Full-time)
Koichi Matsumoto
Corporate Auditor
Takashi Ueda
Corporate Auditor
Kenryo Goto

※Corporate Auditor; Takashi Ueda and Corporate Auditor; Kenryo Goto are outside auditors.

※Board Director; Yasuko Masaki, Board Director; Hiromi Yoshikawa, Board Director; Kenji Uenishi, Corporate Auditor; Takashi Ueda, and Corporate Auditor; Kenryo Goto are designated as independent officers in accordance with the Tokyo Stock Exchange's regulations and registered with the Exchange.