Core Technologies

ECU Electronic Control

ECU Electronic Control

Roles of Electronic Control Technologies at HI-LEX

We have outperformed competitors by leveraging our know-how in the design and manufacture of components, such as control cables. With a major transformation of the auto industry anticipated, our future depends on efforts to make products and units more intelligent and equip them with better information functions while taking full advantage of our proprietary technologies.
HI-LEX’s electronic control technologies are the key to fulfilling this mission.

Roles of ECUs

We have been working on technology innovation to create high added value by adding control functions to mechanical products, including cables. ECUs are core components.
ECU is an abbreviation for electronic control unit. ECUs ensure integrated control of mechanisms and sensing devices.
ECUs maximize the functionality and performance of integrated systems by adding sensing functions to mechanical components and establishing linkage with the vehicle.
Meanwhile, we boldly take on challenges to develop products with new value, such as power lift gates, electronic parking brakes, and wheelchair winches.

ECU Electronic Control

Track Record in the Development of ECUs

  • ECU for power lift gate (PLG) systems
    This ECU controls lift gates installed in SUVs. The production volume is expected to increase in the future.
    The ECU ensures integrated control of sensors and actuators, including touch sensors, door latches, lift gates, and buzzers. It also enables cooperative communication within the vehicle, thereby achieving high marketability.
  • ECU for wheelchair anchoring systems
    This ECU is designed for electronic parking brakes, which have been increasingly installed as a standard feature in recent years.
    Because the product is directly related to the function to stop vehicles, it must meet extremely high safety and quality requirements of Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) in terms of functional safety.
  • ECU for electronic parking brake systems
    This ECU is designed for wheelchair winches, which reduce the workload of helpers when wheelchair users board vehicles.
    It ensures mechanical control by using sensing technology so that wheelchair users can board vehicles safely without stress or uneasiness and enjoy mobility.


In addition to actuator components, such as power lift gates for automatically opening and closing the rear door and electronic parking brakes for electronic operation of the parking brake, we offer optimal system products through co-design of mechanical components, electronic circuits, and software while pursuing safety and convenience.

Advantages of Systemization

In a project that requires collaboration with many suppliers to realize a single function, the workload of developers at a manufacturer is high because it is necessary to make adjustments while balancing the technology level.

If a single supplier can offer systems that integrate actuators, sensors, and electronic control, the workload of developers can be reduced, and the quality of products can be enhanced.

ECU Electronic Control
Power Lift Gate Systems

Track Record in the Systematization Development

Power Lift Gate Systems

A power lift gate system electrically opens and closes a lift gate.

The weight of the actuator unit has been significantly reduced by using resins, and low noise has been achieved by improving the speed reduction mechanism.

We offer high-quality power lift gate systems based on optimal design of overall systems, including touch sensors, latches, and ECUs for controlling sensors and latches.



Regarding product modularization, we can handle the entire process in-house, including design, development, manufacture, and shipment.

We have a system in place to immediately apply the results of CAE analysis and flow analysis as well as the results of improvement in noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH), which represents marketability, using proprietary acoustic analysis equipment to products.

We have also been working to stabilize quality and cut costs by using the world’s first sealing structure.

Track Record in the Modularization Development

  • Integrated WR door module
  • DL integrated rail door module
  • Integrated rail door module
Control Cables

Control Cables

A control cable is a flexible mechanical element to transmit kinetic energy, such as pulling, pushing, and rotation (force and displacement) to a remote position.

It is characterized by high flexibility, durability, and design flexibility and can achieve necessary functions at low costs and with minimal space.

Track Record in the Development of Control Cables

  • Push-pull Cables
  • Pull Cables
Stranded Wires

Stranded Wires

We offer dedicated inner cables by leveraging our proprietary technology to design structures based on the specified stress to maximize the performance of control cables, window regulators, and system products and wire drawing, stranding, winding, and coating technologies, which have been refined through many years of operations.

Types of Stranded Wires

Single strand