Our Products

Industrial Equipment Field

We provide key parts using our core technologies and mechanical design techniques to major customers in the industrial field such as construction machinery, housing equipment, etc. In addition, we focus on developing technologies for digitalization such as automation and remote control. We aim to contribute to a wide range of fields, including new industrial fields such as android robots and next-generation logistics, which are expected to grow, as well as providing solutions to social issues such as the environment and welfare.

Manufacturers to which we have offered our products


Construction Equipment Field

We provide important mechanical components for the cabin area, centering on gas pedal actuators that improve both fuel efficiency and operability, which are important issues for construction machinery. We aim to make further contributions by developing technologies and providing products that respond to the computerization of construction machinery.

  • アクセルアクチュエータ
    Accelerator Actuator

Housing Equipment Field

We provide major companies with important mechanical components that create comfort in living rooms, bathrooms, air conditioning systems, and other living and office spaces.


Marine Vessel Field

We provide key parts for navigation control mainly to major shipbuilders. Our products have excellent corrosion resistance to seawater and contribute to the stable navigation of ships with reliable quality.

  • Operation Box
    Operation Box

Nursing Care Field

This equipment assists the physically disabled and elderly in taking a bath. It provides comfort to those who have given up taking a bath. The device raises and lowers the bathtub using the water pressure of the shower, and does not use electricity, so there is no need to worry about electric shock or charging. It can be used not only in facilities but also in home bathtubs.

  • ECU
    Bath Assist