Our Products

Medical Equipment Field

We are committed to contribute to improving healthcare as a medical device manufacturer.
Based on the knowledge of materials such as resin and metal and the know-how of processing technology cultivated over many years in the field of control cables, we have been developing and manufacturing products as follows;

*Medical devices such as microcatheters and guidewires
*Medical device parts for endoscope components, various catheter tubes, cannula and so on

Catheters for inserting into blood vessels and for injecting contrast agents or drugs to perform exams and treatments

Estream 2.0 IGT for TACE (Oncology)

Estream 2.0 IGT was co-developed with Dr. Shinichi Hori, the chairman of IGT clinic.

Video for Wi-Fi technique (TACE without micro guide wire) performed by Dr. Atsushi Hori, the director of IGT clinic.

ABILITIER II for TACE (Oncology)