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Automotive Field

In the automotive-related domain, we globally offer products that meet diversifying mobility needs by combining proprietary core technologies, which have been refined since our founding, and by developing applied technologies.

Manufacturers to which we have offered our products

System Products

System products are derived from our capabilities to build optimal electronic control systems using ECUs, sensors, and actuators. We contribute to realizing a mobility-centered society where needs are increasingly diversifying by harnessing our sophisticated engineering capabilities to turn complicated mechanisms into products.

Door systems

Door systems

Our business supplying window regulators, which raise and lower car window glasses, started 40 years ago. Since then, we have made improvements in various aspects, including safety, quietness, and layout flexibility. We offer products that help solve customers’ issues, including door module products, which are delivered to customers by integrating many door components in addition to the functionality to raise and lower window glasses.



Control cables can operate devices at a remote position.
We are the No. 1 company with a dominant market share of automotive products in Japan.
We offer optimal products that meet customers’ needs by leveraging 70 years of outstanding experience.

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ECU 電子制御

ECU Electronic Control

To deliver high-quality products to customers around the world, we have a global system in place to supply products.
Based on mechanical control technology involving recognition and judgment that has been refined through the development of electromechanical integration products in the ever-changing mobility market, we take on challenges to launch into new business domains beyond existing businesses and contribute to society by solving diversifying social problems.

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