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Our Business / Inquiries

Our Business / Inquiries

Our Business We are continually striving to produce more advanced molds by improving manufacturing technology and putting the latest CAD, CAM, and MC systems online.
Main Machines and Equipment CAD x8
CAM x9
Automatic programming unit x1
DNC system x9
Vertical machining center x6
NC milling machine x1
Vertical milling machine x2
Multipurpose milling machine x1
Horizontal milling machine x1
CNC lathe x3
Lathe x3
Electric discharge processing machines x6
Wire cutters x4
Precision surface grinder x2
Mold grinder x2
Cylindrical grinder x2
Drill grinder x1
Radial drilling machine x3
Bench-top drilling machine x3
Sawing machine x2
Dice potting press x1
Mold inverter x1
Mold polisher x4
Chamfering machine x1
Cut grinder x2
Argon welder x1
Flexible gauge x1
Measurement microscope x2
Image measurement unit x1
Projector x1

Sanda Plant Mold Section
14-4, Techno Park, Sanda City, Hyogo, 669-1339, Japan
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