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Mold Producing Process
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Mold Producing Process

With Leading-edge Equipment and Veteran Craftsmen

HI-LEX CORPORATION's Mold Manufacturing Div. features an integrated production system run by experienced engineers who take mold manufacturing through the process from mold design to materials selection, materials processing, mold finishing, assembly, and production. We meet a wide range of user needs for mold design and production including short-term delivery, manufacture of maintenance parts, maintenance and other support, and emergency repairs when a quick response is required.

Mold Design Material pre-cutting, dice plate processing, hole machining

1. Mold Design
Leading-edge CAD/CAM is used to design high-function, high-accuracy, and high-quality molds.

2. Material pre-cutting, dice plate processing, hole machining
Our integrated in-house production makes high-performance, high-function molds possible.

3. NC Lathe Processing
We provide high accuracy machining for a wide range of materials from those that are difficult to cut to heat-treated materials.

4. Machining Processing
We have the latest high-speed machining equipment and proprietary machining technology.

5. Wire Cut Processing
Higher accuracy using immersion processing and other methods.

6. Electrode and Electric Discharge Processing
We have streamlined these processes using mirror finishes and oscillation technology ATC.

7. Finish, Assembly, Mold Inspection
Products are finished utilizing a fusion of the processing technology with the latest equipment and the skills of veteran craftsmen.

NC Lathe Processing
Machining Processing
Wire Cut Processing
Finish, Assembly, Mold Inspection Electrode and Electric Discharge Processing

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