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Medical Equipment Product Information
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Product Information
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Product Information

HI-LEX PCTA Guide Wires

This guide wire is used to guide a balloon catheter to the ailing area for treatment of the heart's coronary artery for a cardiac infarction, etc.

Approval No. 21600BZZ00591000

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HI-LEX Micro Guide Wires

This guide wire is used to guide micro catheters through very narrow peripheral vessels in the brain and abdomen (kidneys, etc.).

Approval No. 21600BZZ00592000

HI-LEX Angiographic Catheters

This catheter is used to dispense contrast medium in blood vessels to view the blood vessel shape and degree of obstruction.

Approval No. 21700BZZ00187000

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Next-Generation Medical Equipment

HI-LEX CORPORATION is involved with joint industry-academia initiatives for developing higher quality medical supplies to provide better medical treatment and reduce the burden on the patient.

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Medical Equipment for Animals

This is a urinary catheter for dogs and cats. The GM catheter is used for dogs.

15 Medical Product No. 439

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We also engage in OEM development.

We manufacture parts for guide wires, catheters, and endoscopes and deliver them to medical supplies manufacturers.

Guide Wires, Catheters  Endoscope Parts

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