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Business Areas

HI-LEX CORPORATION has experiences in the field of control cable for automobile parts for a long time and is one of top suppliers in the world. Through our history, we have got various technologies and know-how such as plastic processing related tube extrusion, coating, injection molding, integrated molding, metal processing related micro press, soldering, blade, wire drawing, wire twisting, bend processing, grinding, centerless grinding, die-cast molding, mold manufacturing and other technologies.
Based on the technologies above, we have developed production methods for making components thinner and smaller and entered into medical device market. Today, these technologies are used for our products; microcatheter, guidewire, vascular graft and other medical device parts (endoscope components, various catheter shafts, cannula and so on)

From quality perspective, we have ISO 13485, 2016 certification, which is the international standard for quality management systems for medical equipment.

Additionally, Medical Device Department can develop and provide products based on customers' requirements. Please feel free to contact us if we can support in any way.