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Management Visions

The HI-LEX Group is concentrating its efforts on the following three basic strategies.

In order to achieve the above, we have defined the following five pillars as central to our activities

1.Market Development

We will increase the number of orders from automotive manufacturers both in Europe and in developing countries, thereby raising our global share. We will also proactively work to open up new markets unrelated to the automotive business.

2.Strengthen Development Capabilities

We will work to achieve further reductions in weight through thorough review of the materials and designs used in existing products. Not only this, we will strive to rapidly respond to customers’ diverse needs, and bring satisfaction to customers around the world. We will pour our efforts into the development of systems such as power lift gates and automatic parking brakes, and the development of new products in non-automotive fields such as medical and housing equipment.

3.Global Price

The production and sale of automotive products has been made borderless throughout the world. There is a need to supply low-priced, high-quality products to regions across the globe, and we will do our utmost to rapidly respond to these requirements.

4.Reliable Quality

Thorough verification of base designs on-site allows us to spot and prevent defects before they occur, for thorough quality management. In this way, we will build a system that enables customers to purchase from any one of our plants with peace-of-mind.

5.Global Personnel

We will develop globally-minded staff with both skill and adaptability who can pass on their professional expertise anywhere in the world. By sending these staff to overseas subsidiaries, we will train and develop local personnel. Through rapid response to customers’ needs, we will strive to create a corporation that can bring satisfaction to its customers.