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Management Visions

The HI-LEX Group is concentrating its efforts on the following three basic strategies.

In order to achieve the above, we have defined the following five pillars as central to our activities

1.Market Development

We have built new manufacturing sites in Europe, India and other regions and enhanced our production capacity, winning new orders from automakers in the Chinese and Indian markets, as well as from those based in Europe. By stabilizing these businesses early, we will strive to capture a higher share of the global market for HI-LEX products.
Furthermore, we will actively cultivate new markets in non-automotive sectors.

2.Strengthen Development Capabilities

We constantly strive to satisfy our customers worldwide by using ideal materials and designs to make our products low cost yet high quality, and promptly proposing new products that exceed their expectations.
Additionally, we will actively develop specific system products such as power-lift gates and electric actuators. We will also focus on developing innovative products such as medical, welfare and home-related equipment in non-automotive sectors.

3.Global Price

We are ready to adapt to the challenges of higher raw material prices worldwide and automakers’ borderless production and distribution. One strength of the HI-LEX Group is the collaboration among its business sites in 17 countries. The HI-LEX Group can supply high-value-added, low-cost products of outstanding quality anywhere in the world. We anticipate diverse customer needs and respond promptly to their requests, with the HI-LEX Group members working together as one team.

4.Reliable Quality

We are committed to implementing thorough quality control by following a work sequence that smoothly facilitates adherence to the 4S principles (orderliness, tidiness, cleanliness and maintenance). We intend to build a framework that allows our customers to purchase from any of our sites worldwide with confidence.

5.Global Personnel

We will train skilled cosmopolitan human resources who have professional skills for giving instructions and guidance anywhere in the world. By dispatching them to our overseas affiliates, we will develop local human resources.