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For Shareholders and Investors

Management Visions

With the following 3 points as basic strategies, our Group is addressing its management tasks.

VISION 01 Take a new path with a stable axis / VISION 02 Realization of reliable quality, high added value, and low-priced products / VISION 03 Creation of global personnel

The 5 points below are measures to achieve the tasks.

1.Market Development

We have received new orders from automotive manufacturers both in Europe, China and India and built new production bases in Europe, India and others raising our global share, thereby increasing our production capacity. We will realize early stabilization of the management of these businesses to further increase global share of our products.

2.Strengthening of development

Through realizing low-cost and high-quality products, we will bring security and joy to our customers around the world.
We will pour our efforts into the development of systems such as power lift gates and electric actuators, and the development of new products in non-automotive fields such as medical equipment, welfare equipment and housing equipment.

3.Global Price

To address the global trends of increasing raw material prices and borderless production and sales of automotive manufacturers, our bases located in 17 countries around the world are cooperating and collaborating. With this as our strength, we unite as one team, we will supply safe-quality, high value-added and low-priced products of our Group to any regions, and will foresee and rapidly respond to diversified needs of our customers.

4.Reliable Quality

By achieving thorough quality management with 4S method (sort, set in order, scrub, sustain), we will build a system that enables customers to purchase from any one of our plants with peace-of-mind.

5.Global human resources

We will develop globally-minded staff with both skill and adaptability who can pass on their professional expertise anywhere in the world. By sending these staff to overseas subsidiaries, we will train and develop local personnel.