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Management Visions

The HI-LEX Group sets the following two medium- to long-term management visions in response to the current business environment.
VISION01:We, as a creative system product provider mainly handling control systems, will improve customer satisfaction and our corporate value utilizing our long-cultivated cable technologies
VISION02:We will establish and improve a global development, purchasing, production, and sale system to expand our worldwide market share with our excellent quality, price, and technologies
To achieve the above visions, we will use the following four basic strategies:
Development capability
To become a highly creative system product provider, we will reorganize and improve our development system and organization, and systematically increase the necessary staff in each field, such as electronic control device or software field.
Global development
In addition to promoting development in Asian, Eastern European, Russian, and other emerging markets which we expect to expand, we will also establish a more efficient management system in each base in matured Japanese, US, and European markets.
Price competitiveness
We will not only address productivity improvement and production cost reduction through production-method improvement activities called CAPS, but also reduce costs through the promotion of VA and VE. Moreover, we will pursue to reduce the material purchasing price by accomplishing worldwide optimal procurement.
Quality assurance and improvement
We will establish and implement a defect prevention system in a systematic and scientific way to gain customer's trust and enhance our competitiveness.

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