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Core Competencies and Growth Strategy

Core Competencies

Integrated production technology for control cable and an expanding global network: Two assets for gaining leading market share in Japan and increasing global competitiveness

Ever since our establishment in 1946, we have focused on the concept of usability for our control cable technology, and we have been able to develop in tandem with the automobile industry. We currently supply control cables to all domestic vehicle manufacturers, giving us an overwhelming share in the domestic market and making us number one. We also supply to major auto manufacturers overseas, including the Big Three, and consolidated-base sales for our group now amount to over ¥100 billion. Our core competence, built up over more than half a century, lies in our control cable technology, and in our global network, which consists of 18 locations in 11 countries.
The basis of our competitiveness in control cables is our ability to develop innovative new products-firsts in Japan and in the world, and our integrated production system which enables us to produce products that answer to demands for excellent quality. At HI-LEX CORPORATION, we do everything in house, from research and development of materials such as metals, plastics, and lubricants, to production planning, prototype production, testing, and manufacture of components. In addition, as reflected in the fact that all of our facilities around the country have been certified as meeting international quality and environmental regulations, our products are now manufactured under an even stricter quality assurance system.
Having established branches in South Korea in 1972 and the U.S. in 1975, we have taken a proactive stance toward globalization ahead of the rest of the industry. This stance has enabled us to set up production systems in various countries that are firmly rooted in the respective communities, and to reliably supply our customers in a customer-first approach.
In this way, our company is working to further develop our core competence and to answer to changing market needs.

Growth Strategy

Accelerating globalization, achieving globally optimized production, and expanding control cable applications in new markets

Our growth strategy is to offer products to even more markets while further strengthening the core competence that we already have.
Our approach to the auto industry is not only to answer to current customer needs, but also to broaden the horizons for the use of cables, including devising new technologies and incorporating periphery equipment technologies including electronics technologies. In addition to the automobile market, we are also aggressively moving ahead with expansion into new markets, including construction machinery, household equipment, marine vessel equipment, medical equipment, and more.
We are also in the process of drawing up new plans for our overseas network, including expansion into Eastern Europe, setting up more facilities in China, and so on, in addition to further solidifying existing locations. While working to bolster production efficiency, we are also striving to realize an optimal global production system.
In many ways, trust in technology is a must as society matures. We believe that the more complicated systems become, the greater the appeal of control cables, which feature a simple structure and extremely reliable operability, and we expect to see greater and greater use of these products in a broader market.