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The Three "strengths"of HI-LEX

Technology for Flexible, Integrated Production

Maximum Quality and Cost Performance

Our control cables meet the highest standards of quality, performance and cost-effectiveness.
This comes as a result of our unparalleled integrated production technology, which begins right from the fabrication of metal molds.
This fully integrated production system also gives us exceptional flexibility.

Outer casing/inner cable production

Our production processes are divided into four distinct stages: coiling, twisting, part forming and assembly. All materials must satisfy extremely stringent standards.
Our expertise is especially evident in the coiling stage, where we handle inside diameters in sizes from 12 mm all the way down to 0.06 mm.

Outer casing/inner cable production

Component manufacture

Plant and manufacturing systems developed in-house by HI-LEX now represent about 60% our total plant.
Our flexible, small-lot metal mold manufacturing system is the finest in the industry. It speeds up the operating rates of our die-casting and plastic molding machines, and helps us quickly produce parts and deliver metal molds to the assembly line.

Component manufacture

Assembly line inspection

In addition to process FMEA checks at the drawing stage, we have built quality into our production lines by introducing mathematical retrieval methods determined through production experimental planning, We have also installed cable-linked devices at the assembly stage as another means of assuring full product reliability. The comprehensive inspection and quality assurance system we have set in place at HI-LEX is your guarantee of a superior product.

Company-wide quality control

Company-wide quality control

HI-LEX's product philosophy is simple: We strive to offer outstanding quality, reasonable prices and quick delivery. Toward this end we make continual efforts to improve every aspect of our operations. Throughout our group we've established "Innovation QCD" activities aimed at finding innovative ways to improve quality, cost and delivery, "GVE" activities to reduce costs, and other programs. These efforts have paid off by earning us a Total Productive Maintenance Award and ISO9001 certification.

Company-wide quality control
Obtained ISO9001 Certification and QS-9000 Certifications

In 1995, our all offices and factories obtained ‚hSO9001 certification.
In 1998, our all offices and factories obtained QS-9000 certification.

Total Productive Maintenance Prize

In 1998, HI-LEX was awarded the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Prize by the Japanese Plant Maintenance Association. This prestigious award is given in recognition of superior quality control in parts manufacture, systematized manufacturing and office environments, and efficient work flow.