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The Three"strengths"of HI-LEX
The Three "strengths"of HI-LEX
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From materials to systemization

Advanced Technology and Total Engineering Support

HI-LEX stresses innovation at every stage of the product creation process, from raw materials to finished systems.
We provide total engineering support geared toward developing new functions and technology.

Material research and development
HI-LEX rigorously selects and develops materials as part of ensuring that our products fully meet all client specifications. We conduct extensive research into metals, plastics and lubricants with our metals research encompassing both materials selection and machining technology.
As part in our ongoing efforts to improve performance and efficiency of control cables, we are also engaged in joint development of materials with leading domestic and overseas manufacturers of plastics and lubricants.


Photo: R&D

System design
Our research into product shape, structure, function and durability helps us attain superior levels of performance and reliability. In addition to developing mechanisms to control vibration and reduce noise, we are working to develop high-performance actuators and manipulators. Our technical expertise and development system for control cables gives us an edge in determining design specifications which achieve unmatched product quality.


Photo: R&D

Prototype production and testing
As part of assuring uncompromising product quality, HI-LEX produces numerous product prototypes and conducts rigorous testing under realistic conditions. Our testing includes bench tests to determine resistance to cold, heat, vibration, noise and dust, simulation testing of assembled control cables, and destructive testing. All testing is repeated on series of prototypes to assure proper performance in every working condition.


Photo: R&D

Production design
When starting manufacture of a new product, we review all processes and simulate production as part of designing production equipment that meets all foreseeable conditions. By investigating the technology needed before production begins, we can eliminate problems at the design stage and assure top accuracy and efficiency.
To ensure our ability to deliver creative products, we built a proprietary manufacturing line that has now started production.


Photo: R&D

Working to Strengthen Our R&D Capability
Our Utsunomiya Technical Center is charged with conducting basic research, enhancing our R&D capability, and evaluating product quality and performance. Backed by state-of-art facilities, this advanced laboratory is equipped to handle everything from planning to development of prototypes of high-level testing.

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