1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000
1951 First Sale of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) -
coated cable.
1967 First Sale of high-reliability
New TS Coat.
1969 First Sale of new HI-LEX cable
featuring push and pull functions.
1971 First sale of marine engine control box.
TSK grease developed.
1976 First Sale of meter cable.
1979 Window regulator system developed.
1981 Transmission control cable developed.
1984 Steering systems for small marine engines developed.
1985 First sale of auto cruise control cables.
1989 Quarter vent opener developed.
1993 Integral-type mini accelerator actuators developed.
Auto pull-up systems developed.
Push pull cable type actuator developed.
1994 Project team formed for R & D of medical equipment.
1995 Toilet seat raising/lowering for residences developed.
Raising/lowering systems for air-conditioner grilles developed.
1997 Started manufacture of medical devices
(Items related to catheters and guide wires)
1998 Power slide door developed.
1946 Established Takarazuka Sakudokan K.K. (Abbreviated name: TSK)
    TSK in 1946
1960 Sanda Plant completed.
1962 Merged with Toyo Kikai Kinzoku K.K.
Achieved monthly sales of one million cables.
1963 Separated from Toyo Kikai Kinzoku K.K. and began anew as
Takarazuka Sakudokan K.K. with a capital of 100 million yen.
1967 Achieved monthly sales of two million cables.
1970 Kaibara Plant completed.
Monthly sales reached three million cables.
1971 Corporate name changed to Nippon Cable System, Inc.
1972 Technical Center completed.
1973 Invested in Kanto TSK, Tajima TSK, Inc.,
Hyogo Cable, Inc., and Tanba Cable, Inc.
1976 Invested in Mikuni Cable, Inc.
1977 Listed on Second Section of Osaka Stock Exchange.
1979 Achieved monthly sales of six million cables.
Listed on Second Section of Osaka Stock Exchange.
1980 Teraura Scholarship Foundation inaugurated.
1981 Mikkabi Plant completed in Shizuoka Prefecture.
Invested in Hayashi Spring Inc.
(now TSK Saitama, Inc.)
1985 Utsunomiya Technical Center completed.
Established Izushi Cable, Inc.
1988 Awarded TPM Excellent Place of Business prize.
1989 Head office building incorporating technical headquarters completed.
Sanda-nishi Plant completed.
Established Nippon Cable System Shimane, Inc.
Awarded TPM Excellent Place of Business prize
1990 Reached monthly sales of ten million cables.
1991 Takarazuka Plant rebuilt.
1992 Sanda-nishi plant renovated and expanded.
1995 Obtained ISO9001 Certification.
1996 Held 50th anniversary ceremony.
1998 Obtained QS-9000 Certification.
2001 Obtained ISO14001 Certification.
1970 Established technical affiliation with Controlex, Inc., U.S.A.
Office opened in Kalamazoo, Michigan, U.S.A.
1972 Established TSK (Korea) Co., Ltd.
1973 Established technical affiliation with Flexible
Drive Agencies Pty. Ltd., Australia.
1975 Established TSK of America in Battle Creek, Michigan, U.S.A.
1976 Invested and signed technical agreement with Armstrong
Cycle Parts Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia.
1977 Joint-venture contract signed with Lippo Group in Indonesia.
1979 PT. Lippo TSK Indonesia established in Tangerang, Indonesia.
1981 TSK of America renamed HI-LEX Corporation.
Invested in and signed technical assistance agreement with Thai Steel Cable (TSK) Co., Ltd., Thailand.
1982 Technical affiliation established with Kuster Co., Gmbh (former West Germany)
1984 Entered technical assistance agreement with former Soviet Union.
Entered technical tie-up with Grand Haven Stamped Products Co., U.S.A.
1987 Invested in Flexdrive Industries Ltd., Australia.
Made capital investment in Dae Dong Cable Co., Ltd., South Korea.
1988 Established PT. HI-LEX Parts Co., Ltd. indonesia.
1989 HI-LEX Controls Inc., America.
1993 Established HI-LEX Mexicana S.A.DE C.V.
1995 Established Chongqing TSK Cable Ltd.
1998 Established Machino TSK Nippon Cable (P) Ltd.
1999 Established HI-LEX Vietnam Co., Ltd.
2000 Established Hi-Lex Cable System Co., Ltd.
Established HI-LEX Do Brazil.
PT. Lippo TSK Indonesia changed its name to PT. HI-LEX Indonesia (P) Ltd.
2002 Machino TSK Nippon Cable (P) Ltd. changed its name to HI-LEX India (P) Ltd.
Established Alpha HI-LEX.
Established Yantai TSK Cable System Co.,Ltd.
2003 Established Dae Dong Cable HI-LEX Inc.