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Steering System

Steering system

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Product Features

  • Rack and pinion method allows for compact installation space.
  • The difference in the right and left steering forces is small to provide a high degree of linearity and operation performance.
  • Greatly exceeds the ABY standard performance.
  • Friction brake is provided as standard equipment.
  • Disc-type brake ensures stable braking.
  • Stroke can be fine tuned.

Main Specifications

Method: Rack and pinion + Push-pull cable
Operation load: Rudder side Max. 19.6 kN (200 kgf)
Stroke: 210 mm to 213 mm
Wheel revolutions: 3.4 revolutions
Cable min. bending radius: 217 mm on inside of cable
Max. steerable length: 12.2 m

SAR90A Steering System Configuration (Standard Components)

SAR90A steering system configuration (standard components)