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Control Cable SystemEngineering Report

Control Cable System Engineering Report

Five Merits of the Control Cable Systems

Compact and lightweight

This compact action mechanism unit allows a high degree of freedom in selecting the operation location.



Being able to mechanically and directly connect the operation unit and actuator provides excellent reliability.


An intermediate joint mechanism is not required to link complex routes containing operation units and actuators.


Low cost

Less expensive than other connecting mechanisms employing hydraulic, electric, or mechanical link methods.

Vibration- and noise-proof

Less rigidity than rod types provides excellent vibration resistance.


This product has been used in these areas of automobiles for example.

Illustration: automobile

HI-LEX CORPORATION's control cables have been used as functional parts along with the evolution of the automobile. They are trusted for their durability, flexibility, and high reliability. The Company is actively engaged in R&D on systems that will make automobile driving more comfortable and safer as well as improving the performance of cables.

Pull cables, push-pull cables

Pull Cables and
Push-Pull Cables

These are accurate, flexible, and lightweight power transmission units. They allow a high degree of freedom of design.

  High torque flexible shafts

High Torque Flexible Shaft

This lightweight power transmission unit requires less space than mechanical link systems.

For Details

For Details

SPI-RAX direct system

SPI-RAX Direct-Link System

Transmits power through R curve and in tight spaces.

  Window regulators

Window Regulator

This is the basic form of a lift unit that uses a control cable. It can be used for a variety of applications.

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For Details

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