Pull Cables, Push-Pull Cables

This torque transmission unit is compact and features an excellent design.

A pull-type cable transmits the pull direction force and displacement to a device installed in a separate location, and a push-pull cable transmits force and displacement in both the push and pull directions and thus is a control cable that can be used to transmit complex actions.
These power transmission units resolve such issues as weight reduction, direct feeling, ease of assembly, and vibration and noise prevention, which could not be resolved with the hydraulic and mechanical link type mechanisms conventionally used in automobiles, and also provide safety, comfort, and a high degree of design freedom.
In addition, the Company's pull cables come in a wide range of variations, such as the cables alone, attached to components, and in system products connected to actuators, and are highly trusted by users in the maritime and industrial equipment manufacturing industries as well as the automobile industry. We will continue to grow these businesses.


Pull cable, push-pull cable

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