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Accelerator Lever

Accelerator Lever

Product Summary

The accelerator lever is used for remote operation of a work vehicle, such as construction equipment, to switch the rotating speed of the engine between low and high idle.

Product Features

  • Input lever can be set at 10° intervals.
  • Adjustable stroke.
  • A spring is employed in the output lever's lock force (brake force) generation unit to suppress variation in the lock force over time.
  • A detent setting is possible for suitable operability (However, in one location only).


Output lever stroke 80 ± 2 mm (excluding allowance)
Output lever lock force (brake force) 200 N or more
Input lever operation torque 4.1 ± 1.4 Nm
Detent overdrive torque 11.1 ± 2.8 Nm

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