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Power Lift Gate Systems

Photo: Power Lift gate system

Technology themes

Backdoor Electric Open/Close System Development

Technology description


Configuration: Power lift gate system

Technology points

  1. A torque cable is employed to allow a high degree of freedom for drive unit layout.
  2. The actuator can be built into the trim.
  3. The compact design achieves a smart looking appearance.
  4. Manual operation force with low resistance.
  5. Safety is maintained when an object is caught in the door.


Operation temperature range -25 to 80°C
Operation voltage range DC 11 to 16 V
Rated voltage DC 12 V
Operation time OPEN 7 ± 0.5 sec
CLOSE 8 ± 0.5 sec
(Room temperature, 13.5 V, level ground)

Built into trim example

▲ Built into trim example


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