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SPI-RAX Direct Systems

SPI-RAX direct system

Product Features

  • This system slides the component by engaging a DC motor gear with a SPI-RAX cable.
  • Because a cable is used, the product can be employed in areas with R curve, etc.
  • A DC motor is used to make possible driving in tight spaces, including in guide rail shapes.
  • The hollow urethane construction provides a large sound muffling effect.

Detailed Materials


Photo: SPI-RAX cable

System Construction


Single-pull type

Load 49 N (5 kgf)
Stroke 4,000 mm
Operation speed 130 mm/sec
Endurance count 10,000 cycles
(Motor guarantee: 5,000 cycles)

Double-pull type

Load 176 N (18 kgf)
Stroke 1,500 mm
Operation speed 100 mm/sec
Endurance count 10,000 cycles

Detailed Materials


SPI-RAX cables

SPI-RAX cables
Coil diameter φ 1.2
Coil pitch 2.54 mm
Coil offset strength 392 N (40 kgf) or more
Breaking load 1.96 KN (200 kg) or more


  Torque Rotation Power Consumption
No load 0 170 r.p.m. or more 0
Rated load 0.89 N•m (10 kgf•cm) 170 r.p.m. 4 A
Restricted 4.9 N•m (50 kgf•cm) 0 18 A

Cable end shapes (connection)

Cable end shapes (connection)

Cable guide shapes

Cable guide shapes