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PSD (Power Sliding Door) Systems

PSD (Power Sliding Door) system

Detailed Materials

System configuration

PSD Unit

  • Sliding door electric open/close unit
  • Cable drive with center rail.
  • Drive unit is installed at the inner side of the rear quarter compartment.


  • Door lock electric closing unit


  • System control

Release actuator

  • Door lock electric opening unit
  • Sliding door installation (receives power from the junction switch)
Drawing: System configuration
Photo: PSD

PSD Unit


  • Motor: PSD special motor based on the wiper motor
  • Clutch: Solenoid type small clutch
  • Cable: Highly durable inner cable (wire shape φ 1.5 mm)


Operation Temperature Range -30 to 80°C
Operation Voltage Range 9 to 15 V
Operation Speed 300 ± 60 mm/sec (Room temperature, 14.5 V, level ground)
Operation Guaranteed Inclination 13°
Manual Operation Force 6 to 12 N + Current door operation force (room temperature, level ground)
Weight 3.3 kg

Detailed Materials



Operation Temperature Range -30 to 80°C
Operation Voltage Range 9 to 15 V
Dark Current 1 mA (during sleep)
Microcomputer 8 bit
Weight 180 g

Control functions

  • One-touch operation control
    The door can be stopped at any position by operating a one-touch switch, such as the one for the driver's seat during the automatic operation control, making the door open and closed automatically.
  • Assist operation control
    Assist electric start control in the operation direction during manual operation of the door.
    Manual open/close is possible when the Main switch is off.
  • PWM operation control
    Operation speed reduction control approximately 300 mm before complete closure during electric close operation.
  • Jam protection control
    Reverse operation control to fully open/closed when an object jam is detected.
    Reverse operation is also possible when there is a jam during reverse operation.
  • Intermittent clutch control
    Runaway speed control using an intermittent clutch to prevent door runaway when the door is stopped halfway.
PSD CAD Drawing
PSD CAD Drawing