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Window Regulators, Sliding Window Systems, Door Module

Window Regulators

Window Regulator
Window Regulator

Product Features

  • The power of drive unit can be manually set.
  • The drive unit and actuation unit can be connected by a cable to provide good drive unit layout conditions.
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
Power type (single line rail)
Manual type (single line rail)
Power type (double line rail)


  • Stroke (Max.): Power 580 mm/Manual 520 mm
  • Brake force: 300 N or more (window lowering direction, both power/manual)
  • Window closing force: 245 N or more (power)
  • Rated voltage: 12 V / Consumption current: 28 A or less (power)

Sliding Window Systems

Drawing: Sliding window system

This system electrically opens and closes the sliding windows.
The basic construction using a cable and a power window motor is the same as that of the window regulator.

Door Module

photo: Door Module

Product Features

Plastic module panel helps integration of the other component parts and weight reduction.