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HI-LEX Push-Pull Cables

HI-LEX Push-Pull Cable

Product Features

  • Makes complex power transmission possible.
  • Safety, comfort and a high degree of freedom of design can be achieved.

Detailed Materials

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PDF  Specifications Table
PDF  Design Reference Material
PDF  Operation Handles
PDF  Accessories

Clamp Type

Photo: Clamp Type

Drawing: Clamp Type

Bulk Type

Photo: Bulk Type

Drawing: Bulk Type

Casing Cap

This tightens on the outer casing and holds the cable in place. The interior surface has been treated with excellent dacrotizing to prevent corrosion.

  • Bulk head type: Screw cap
  • Clamp type: Casing cap
  • Holder type: Holder

Guide Pipe

This tightens on the casing cap and has a swivel (oscillating) mechanism. The interior surface has been treated with excellent dacrotize processing to prevent corrosion.


This tightens to the inner cable to transmit the action. It is zinc plated.

Cover boots

This attaches to the top of the guide pipe to keep out water and dust.

Lubricant (grease) TSG3256

This is a unique HI-LEX grease with excellent low-temperature properties. The operation environment temperature range is -40°C to +80°C.

Note: Dacrotize processing and zinc plating are for steel only. SUS materials are left bare.


Outer casing

Outer casing

Inner cable

#80 Series

Standard type Single wire type SUS strand type

#100 to #120 Series

Standard type

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