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Strength requirements

φ Normal Operation Force Max. Operation Force During Emergencies Applicable Conduit Size Cable Min. Bending R
1 million times 100,000 times
Endurance Endurance Inner Multi-twisted Inner Single-twisted
φ1.2 Up to 29.4 N
(Up to 3 kgf)
Up to 78.4 N
(Up to 8 kgf)
Up to 294 N
(Up to 30 kgf)
φ5 R50 R50
φ1.5 49 N
(5 kgf)
127.4 N
(13 kgf)
490 N
(50 kgf)
R50 R55
φ2.0 98 N
(10 kgf)
215.6 N
(22 kgf)
882 N
(90 kgf)
R60 R70
φ2.5 176 N
(18 kgf)
343 N
(35 kgf)
1.37 kN
(140 kgf)
R70 R90
φ3.0 245 N
(25 kgf)
490 N
(50 kgf)
1.96 kN
(200 kgf)
R90 R100
φ3.5 343 N
(35 kgf)
686 N
(70 kgf)
2.65 kN
(270 kgf)
R100 R120
φ4.0 441 N
(45 kgf)
882 N
(90 kgf)
3.43 kN
(350 kgf)
R120 R130

Layout requirements

  • Select single-twisted or multi-twisted depending on the minimum bending radius.
  • Generally, multi-twisted with a small bare wire diameter has lower bending rigidity, so the no load resistance is smaller and the return performance improves.
  • Under less strict usage conditions, using single-twisted is more cost effective.

About inner coats and liners

  • To improve load efficiency, the lineup includes inner coat types where the inner cable is coated with plastic, and liner types where a plastic pipe is inserted inside the outer casing.
  • Generally, the inner coat type is used when the application calls for high loads and a durability of 100,000 times. A sealed construction is easier to obtain than with the liner type.

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